Let’s take care of Business!

Taking Care of Business is something we all do on a daily basis, but when last did you do a blitz on your appliance cupboards? Well get busy and make a pile of all those broken, old, testy or extra appliances you have, because nestled in a busy corner of East London’s Quigney suburb, lies an NPO that is going to use these appliances. They are literally training men and women to take care of business.

Known previously as The Clothing Bank (TCB) this nation-wide NPO has rebranded and is now known as Taking Care of Business and along with the new name, comes a host of new opportunities. Budding entrepreneurs, avid supporters of recycling as well as every other person in this beautiful city we call home stands to benefit by being involved in a project that truly works.

TCB’s main aim is to empower families to escape the cycle of poverty for good by equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to unlock their full potential and access the economy.  In the last 7 years, TCB East London has successfully recruited and trained over 1100 women entrepreneurs to build their businesses by reselling clothes. The clothes are donated from a host of different retailers and they are new.

The program has been so successful that it is branching out into another fantastic opportunity, this time for men and women. East London’s TCB Repair has launched this month, and 20 men and 5 women have started their 1-year training and mentoring program teaching them how to repair small appliances. This is potentially a 2-year program, but will depend on how many appliances the East London and surrounding communities can donate.

East London TCB is the fourth TCB branch nation-wide to launch a Repair program, which includes more than just practical skills. Like the Resell program, those involved don’t only learn how to repair, buy and sell appliances, they also learn life skills, business skills and computer skills. Candidates benefit from coaching, mentorship and a support network of like-minded people and ultimately end up running their own businesses.

Chad Hubbard, newly appointed Repair Facilitator said: “This is an incredible opportunity for our candidates. We appeal to everyone to please donate any old, used, duplicate or unwanted small appliances, whether in working condition or not.”

When projects such as TCB Resell and Repair, which have proven to work, are launched, it is exciting for their local communities to become involved and according to Estelle Cox, East London TCB branch manager, “becoming involved is easier than you would imagine.”

“We are requesting members of the public to donate small appliances to TCB for the new candidates to use for training. It has the added advantage of reducing e-waste making its way to landfills,” she added.

Drop off points around East London include:

TCB offices at 94 Fitzpatrick Road, Quigney

Lilyfontein School

Merrifield School

Sculptures Hair Salon

Nahoon Spar

Southernwood Spar

Vincent Spar

Crossways Spar

If any business or school is willing to be used as a drop off point, please contact Estelle on 072 298 0905 or email estellecox@tcb.org.za

Taking Care of Business has never been so easy. If you would like more information on TCB have a look at their website www.tcb.org.za