Cape Parrot Exhibition at the East London Museum

The EL Museum’s Cape Parrot exhibition is finally open after years-long passionate commitment by the Cape Parrot Project to bring the plight of South Africa’s only endemic parrot to the public’s attention. The project’s home is in Hogsback, nestled in the Amathole mountains which is the home of the Cape Parrot.
The exhibition at the East London Museum includes more than 1000 Cape Parrot-shaped mosaics, made by public volunteers, hanging from the ceiling. They denote the dwindling number of Cape Parrots alive in the wild today – about 1400-1600; less than the rhinos that we all care so much about.
The Cape Parrot Project takes a multi-pronged approach to ensuring a future for the Cape Parrot. The replanting of yellowwood (Umcheya) trees has been an important focus for the CPP as the parrots rely on these indigenous trees for food and nesting.

The exhibition will delight young and old and is of importance to us all: as South Africans, our indigenous feathered friends belong to us all and by protecting their habitat, we take care of our own and ensure that their song will be heard throughout the Amathole mountains into the future.
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