East London's Black Gold

ffff-768x512No need to search again for great compost for your garden! E.L Compost sells compost any gardener would describe as ‘delicious’ - just the right moisture level, just the right texture and splendidly odor-free.
E.L. Compost owner, Andrew Mclachlan uses a modified version of the Berkeley method of composting. This method (also called ‘hot composting’) produces compost in anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks, whereas the traditional ’cold composting’ approach can take up to a year to deliver good usable compost.

Hot composting is labor-intensive work. Composting material - for E.L. Compost this means horse manure, leaves, sticks, vegetable scraps - is shredded with industrial shredders and the product is then turned every two days, shifting compost on the outside of the heap to the inside.
A great benefit for the gardener is that this method kills weed seeds and soil diseases whereas traditional cold composting guarantees a multitude of unwanted weeds cropping up in flower or vegetable beds. Weed-free compost is a blessing any gardener can attest to.
E.L. Compost’s compost is neutral which means a balanced PH of 7. For those unaccustomed to composting, give it a try - compost is also called ‘black gold’ because it adds nutrients to your soil; it helps sandy soil (an East London mainstay) retain water and nutrients and loosens tight clay soil so that roots can spread. Andrew is keenly aware of the soil challenges we face in East London and has tailored his compost to our climactic conditions - and we all know the potent combination of the summer wind and heat and their effect on our plants and soil.
Be assured of excellent service - Andrew responds to calls and texts quickly and delivery is equally fast and efficient. You can also hand over your grass clippings!

E.L. Composting contact details:
Andrew Mclachlan - 084 402 5208 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
10 x 50kg bags cost R650 - free delivery in East London
Smaller quantities can be collected from Swallows Nest Estate, Bonza Bay Road. If you prefer to have compost delivered, team up with friends and neighbours to place an order.
Check out East London Compost on Facebook for directions and to learn more - and to see photographs of the compost you can soon hold in your hands. The compost comes in two grades: one a little coarser and the other a little finer.